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Poems and Pints

On Sunday the 8th July the newly established Calon Lan Society hosted a Poems and Pints event at the historic pub the Kings Head in Treboeth. The Society held the event Kings Head because it is in a central and accessible location within Treboeth but more important was the local pub of Daniel James Gwyrosydd.

This was the first event that had been organised by the society since it was formed in April this year. Being the first event it was hard to gage the interest or support however the community banded together and showed massive enthusiasm for the event and aims of the Society.

The event was a huge success as around forty people both local and from afar packed into the private room to share songs, poems, and whimsical anecdotes. Some people had even travelled from Cardiff to participate in the evening of entertainment.

Described jokingly by one guest as a ‘middle class open mike night’ the wide range of backgrounds, experiences and poems added to the diverse atmosphere of the event. There was laughter, upbeat material but also some tears from heartfelt moving recitals.

One attendee said that “The atmosphere was something that could never be replicated, the material varied from World War I poetry, folk songs, short stories and even some poems written by Gwyrosydd himself. Braver members even chose to write their own poetry and short stories for the event which gave them a platform to share their original works.

The first event was a huge success raising a total of £400 for the newly established Calon Lan Society. This money will go towards working on a design for the Stain glass windows which will be presented to the five local schools, Kings Head pub and Mynyddbach Chapel.

This was undeniably a real community event that brought people in the community together to share in this great evening. Such involvement and positive reviews of the event will surely result in more events organised by the Society.

A packed room for Poems and Pints on Sunday 8th July 2018

Cllr Sam Pritchard

Secretary of the Calon Lan Society

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