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Pure Heart Podcast Set to Launch!

Pure Heart Podcast is set to launch

Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) many events organised by the Calon Lan Society have not been possible but we want to ensure members and friends that the work of the society has not stopped.

A new English-speaking Podcast supported by the Calon Lan Society focusing on Welsh History is due to launch later this month called Pure Heart. The Podcast will explore a wide range of topics focusing on Welsh history, heritage culture, language and of course Calon Lan.

Our hope is that using this new medium we will be able to connect with Welsh societies and organisations and people from across the world. Through the Pure Heart podcast, we hope to engage with a wider and younger demographic than would normally attend our meetings and events. The podcast will have a wide range of guest who will help us to explore Welsh history and culture in greater depth and for a broader audience.

The first episode of Pure Heart will be based on the Calon Lan Societies ‘Poems and Pints’ event which this year had to be cancelled and will now be organised through the podcast.

We would love for this inaugural episode of the podcast to be inclusive and include a wide range of voices and poems just as Poem’s and Pints has always tried to be. If you would like to be involved in the podcast and have a poem, song or original piece you would like to share please contact for more information.

If you would like to support to podcast and the work of promoting the heritage of Wales and Calon Lan please consider donating to the Calon Lan Society or consider donating regularly through our Patreon Account.

By Sam Pritchard Secretary of the Calon Lan Society


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