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Calon Lan: A Story To Be Heard

Recently the story of Calon Lan has been widely publicised throughout Wales and abroad because of the hard work and efforts of the society. Recently a journalist stumbled upon our website and was so captivated by the history began to write an article.

The primary objectives of the Calon Lan society are simply to make sure people are well informed about the song, its writer and composer and the history about how it came to be. We are very pleased to announce that this has been a busy month for The Calon Lan society as we have appeared in several news outlets spreading the message.

We have recently had a Wales Online article written about the history and future of Wales’ second national anthem. This was a very detailed that explored a lot of the history behind the writers.

We were delighted to see so many people contact us following the publication of this article to thank us for the work that our society has been involved in. Some even said that their churches would be singing Calon Lan this Easter.

Previously we have been included in local magazine ‘Your Mag’ and our Chairman has even appeared on television talking about the formation and aims of our society and the centenary events we are planning.

Our Society was also included in an article published in the South Wales Evening Post today, once again our society is pushing Calon Lan into the spotlight and raising awareness of the historic day that is rapidly approaching.

South Wales Evening Post, Tuesday 18th April 2019

Our website has also been a great success and has attracted visitors to it from the UK, America, Australia, France, United Arab Emirates, Belgium, Canada, Germany and Ireland. Calon Lan is truly an internationally beloved hymn.

We are still working on increasing our media reach and getting as many people talking about this great song as possible. We are even in talks with a Newspaper based in Canada that is interested in raising awareness of our work.

Please do share this Blog Post and the Wales Online article with as many people as you can to help promote our society.

Sam Pritchard Secretary of the Calon Lan Society

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