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1. To design a commemorative stained glass window of Gwyrosydd to be presented to Bishop Vaughan, Penybryn, Bryntawe, YGG Tirdenaw, Gwyrosydd Primary and Clase Primary, the Kings Head Pub where Daniel James spent a lot of his time and Mynyddbach Chapel where he is buried.

2. To create and publish literature about Daniel James and Calon Lan this will include a historical book about him and his life, as well as publishing his entire published works with English summaries of his poems.

3. Restore his grave so that people can come and see the place where this historic figure is buried, helping to turn Mynyddbach Chapel into a vibrant tourist attraction.

4. To promote, support and encourage the creation and work of Welsh Societies across the world. 

5. To construct a slate monument outside the Kings Head Pub depicting Daniel James Gwyrosydd. 

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