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Calon Lân in Parliament

Recently some Members of Parliament decided to protest the temporary closing of parliament by Prime Minister Boris Johnson. They decided to protest the suspension of Parliament by remaining in the chamber and singing. It was not very long after when some of the Welsh Members of Parliament began singing Calon Lân.

This demonstrates the continued cultural value of Calon Lân. The song is not just a historical remembrance but is still a contemporary piece used at a wide range of occasions. Including unsuspecting times like the protesting of the suspension of parliament, it seems to me that where there is a Welshman there is singing of Calon Lân.

This event occurred just months after Mike Hedges AM for Swansea East mentioned the Calon Lân Society in the Chamber of the National Assembly. This year this greatly beloved hymn has been championed by both political chambers across England and Wales.

Sam Pritchard Secretary of the Calon Lân Society

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