Recently some Members of Parliament decided to protest the temporary closing of parliament by Prime Minister Boris Johnson. They decided to protest the suspension of Parliament by remaining in the chamber and singing. It was not very long after when some of the Welsh Members of Parliament began singing Calon Lân.

This demonstrates the continued cultural value of Calon Lân. The song is not just a historical remembrance but is still a contemporary piece used at a wide range of occasions. Including unsuspecting times like the protesting of the suspension of parliament, it seems to me that where there is a Welshman there is singing of Calon Lân.

This event occurred just months after Mike Hedges AM for Swansea East mentioned the Calon Lân Society in the Chamber of the National Assembly. This year this greatly beloved hymn has been championed by both political chambers across England and Wales.

Sam Pritchard Secretary of the Calon Lân Society

One year ago, in July 2018 the Calon Lan Society held its first ever event in the Kings Head Pub, Treboeth called ‘Poems and Pints’. Back by popular demand the Society agreed that this should be an annual event and on the 19th July we held the second ‘Poems and Pints’ events. 

Secretary Sam Pritchard with one of the owners of 'Flowers By Arrangement'.

The event was well attended by the local community, some of the local councillors showed their support for the event with Cllr Mike Lewis and Cllr Sam Pritchard attending. The Society is also very thankful for the continued generosity of local businesses in Treboeth. In particular we would like to ‘Terry’s One Stop Shop’ and 'Flowers By Arrangement' on Llangyfelach Road for the generous donation of raffle prizes.

The evening was naturally compared by the wonderful Phil Andrews who interjected stories and song throughout the evening. The contributions by members was fascinating ranging from famous poems, poems in the Welsh Language, stories and anecdotes, original poems, musical pieces and even recitals of Daniel James’ penned works. There were tears, laughs and many rounds of applause all evening. 

Members and Supporters of the Calon Lan Society with Daniel James Gwyrosydd's Chair.

This year we were very pleased to have Daniel James Gwyrosydd’s ‘high chair’ at the event. This was the same chair that Daniel James would sit in while writing Poems (sometimes as payment for pints) in the Kings Head where our event was held. Having the chair present was a very helpful reminder that 'Poems and Pints' is a tradition well over a hundred years old.

It was a fantastic evening in which we managed to raise over £200 for the Calon Lan Society. This marked two very important milestones for the society, a year since we started holding events but also this pushed the total money raised to over £5,000. 

A massive thank you to everyone who has contributed and participated over the past year.

As has become a favourite tradition of many of the Societies events we finished with a resounding rendition of Calon Lan. 

Sam Pritchard Secretary of the Calon Lan Society

On the 12th June 2019 Welsh Assembly Member for Swansea East Mike Hedges used his 90 second statement to draw attention to our society and the work we are doing. Below is a written transcript of the Speech Mike Hedges gave to the Senedd.

Mike Hedges AM for Swansea East, commending the Calon Lan Society

“I want to highlight the work of the Calon Lân Society in Swansea. The sixteenth of March 2020 is the hundredth anniversary of Daniel James, who was was better known as Gwyrosydd, the writer of one of, if not the favourite Welsh hymn, ‘Calon Lân’. Daniel James came from Treboeth in Swansea.

His father died when he was young. He became a puddler at Morriston ironworks, and then worked at Landore tinplate works.

The recently formed Calon Lân Society are intending to hold a number of events and projects culminating in the publication of the complete poetical works of Daniel James and their translations into English. Also, on the centenary of his death on 16 March, it is intended to have a mass singing of ‘Calon Lân’ in iconic locations in Wales and worldwide, hopefully including the Senedd.

Other projects include a memorial stone in the grounds of the King’s Head public house where he wrote a number of hymns and poems, commemorative stained glass windows in the six local schools to Treboeth, poems and pints, which I’m sure best exemplifies him, and concerts to be held at Ysgol Gyfun Bryntawe and at capel Caersalem.

I thank the Calon Lân Society for what they are doing to commemorate the life of a working-class Welsh poet and hymn writer from Treboeth in Swansea."

We have even managed to download a clip of Mike Hedges giving his speech to the chamber, we are so thankful for this opportunity for our society being mentioned and praised. The story of Daniel James Gwyrosydd is one that needs to be told and as a society we are delighted that we are having an impact in spreading our common heritage.

We are very thankful to Mike Hedges for the support he has offered our society, since the video clip was posted by the Welsh Assembly it has been viewed by hundreds of people. As March 2020 approaches we are increasing our following and building the enthusiasm ready for the big day of celebrations. #CalonLan2020

Sam Pritchard Secretary of the Calon Lan Society

Maintained by Sam Pritchard on behalf of the Calon Lan Society 
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